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SkiZee is a fully automatic wakeboarding system developed by my uncle, his friend (Dan, Industrial Control Guru), and I.  It allows on-the-fly adjustment and tracking of LapCount, Speed, StartPos, StopPos, Distance and other parameters via software.

The system can be seen in this video on youtube or this article on Hack-a-Day.

It can be viewed on Hack-a-Day or on YouTube.

For those who are interested, I will be assembling more details here within a few days.

Basic Information:

  • Tower
    Rohn 45 solid core tower sections. ~$1500
  • Motor Controller -
    Polyspede SpedeStar Motor Controller with integrated phase converter(Generates 3-Phase from 220V). Tows from 0mph to 26mph. ~$1350
  • Motor(Details from actual Motor Plate)

    Baldor Reliancer
    Super-E Motor
    Baldor Electric o Ft Smith Mfg USA
    Cat. No. 094914
    Spec. 37J776T859G1
    HP 7.5 IP55
    Volts 208-230/460
    Amps 21-18.8/9.4
    RPM 1770

  • Gearbox(Details from actual Gearbox Plate)

    Dodge Quantis
    Modular Gearing Solutions
    Reorder No.: 7827862-001
    Catalog No: MM
    Ratio 2.39:1
    Input Speed 1750 RPM
    Output Torque 646 IN-LB
    Input Power 7.5 HP Max
    Service Factor 2.46
    O/P Shaft OXL 1.375 X 3.38 INCH
    Mounting Position A1
    Lube Type STD
    OPS Manual 499320

  • Encoder
    Encoder Products #776-BS-0100-Q-PP-C-P-A-N-N @ $516.00 - See: www.encoder.com
  • Controller
    Any laptop/netbook should be fine. Windows OS. Custom program, limited version freely available on request. ~$500
  • LabJack U3-LV - Speed setting, Direction/Speed monitoring. Remote Control Interface. ~$150
  • Ontrack ADU200 - Relay/IO interface. Sends direction information to PolySpede motor controller. ~$130

Commercial Release Signup

We are actually working on creating a commercial version of the software and hardware. More user friendly, better integration, more features, etc. If you are interested in being contacted when we begin to roll it out, please sign up below.

Also, if you have any suggestions on how to make it better, possible features or updates, please leave a comment.

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